LIVE INSPIRED GETAWAY 2020 has been postponed.

What a perfect opportunity to slow down and look for ways to make our next one even better!

Please help make it the best ever by telling me about yourself and what you'd love most in a retreat. The next Live Inspired Getaway will be epic!

The Ultimate Gift of Self-Care for the Busy Woman!

Escape, unwind, recharge your life and indulge your senses!

It's time to take care of YOU...

Spend a week re-energizing and being inspired in a lovely medieval, spa town in Northern Germany with like-minded women.

Traveling with me is an immersive, multi-sensory, spiritual experience.

We connect with the people and the places we visit, our experience is grounded in the history, the culture, the cuisine.

Don't ask what the world needs...

Ask what makes you come alive and then go do it.

Because what the world needs is more women who have come alive!

Are you ready to make a healthy change?

So many women are at turning points, searching for meaning, feeling like time is slipping through their fingers.

Many yearn to travel, they want to do something special...

If this is you, if you're feeling burnt out or overwhelmed,

then the Live Inspired Getaway is exactly what you need:)

Watch a little video from my heart to yours!

The Live Inspired Getaway Wellness Program is designed

to help you catch your breath.

We begin each day with journaling and mindfulness.

I include lifestyle coaching exercises as well.

We enjoy heartfelt discussions of a shared book,The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

The combination of coaching, fun, adventure and camaraderie is the perfect recipe for

self-discovery, connection and personal empowerment.

You will come home revitalized, with a clear sense of who you are being, what matters most for you

in order to experience joy, and the knowledge and certainty that you can!

Immersion In Another Culture

This is an opportunity to unwind, to be immersed in another culture, to explore,

to connect with your heart and with like-minded women, soul sisters.

Welcome to a home away from home, a beautiful area in Lower Saxony that I was introduced to as a teenager and have been visiting ever since!

The Perfect Blend of Activities and Relaxation

Our week will be leisurely and magical - a chance to slow down,

settle in and enjoy ​the pace of village life.​ 

The heather will be in full bloom and the Heather Blossom Festival will be in full swing. 

Music, laughter, strolls and bike rides together and more...


  • Swim in the hot mineral pool at Jod Sole Therme Spa
  • Leisurely strolls
  • bike rides
  • savour cuisine
  • experience rich local traditions
  • celebrate life!

Reconnect With Your Inner Being

Experience a personal shift and reconnect with your inner self.

Bring a sketch book if you wish:)

Our Accommodation:

Welcome to Schroder's Holiday Farm

Wake to the aroma of delicious coffee and freshly baked brotchen.

We will be sharing cozy holiday apartments which offer plenty of space and comfort

for a relaxing holiday near Bad Bevensen. 

Each apartment has comfortable beds, fully equipped kitchens, comfy living rooms with sitting area

and bright shower rooms as well as access to the farmhouse's beautiful loggia.

  • Free Wi-Fi and landline phone
  • SAT-TV (flat screen)
  • Linen-linen and towels included in the price


Heather Blossom Festival

This is a special time of year when the Heather is in full bloom!

We will be enjoying the festivities at the "Heide Fest"in nearby Amelinghausen.

People come from far and wide to enjoy the Heather Blossom Festival

Parade, music, food, fireworks, entertainment...light, love and laughter!

Medingen Abbey

Women Making a Difference Together

We will travel back in time when we pay a visit to Kloster Medingen.

Learn how a sisterhood of inspired, united women have been having an impact for 700 years!

Almost 500 years have passed since the election of the first Abbess in Medingen.

Between tradition and modernization the convent always found their way.

Nowadays some good old habits are still existing being the framework of a lively women’s community striving to preserve and interpret the culture of this unique place and

to take part in the challenges of modern life within the special context of Christianity.


Explore and experience this beautiful medieval town!

Lüneburg is an attractive and historic town on the River Ilmenau,

surrounded by the Lüneburg Heath in the North German state of Lower Saxony.

You'll love the distinctive red brick Gothic–style buildings frame Am Sande Square.

Located on the old Salt Trade Route

Housed in the former Lüneburg Saltworks, the German Salt Museum details the history and importance of salt mining,

the source of the city’s medieval wealth. Many buildings in the historic quarter lean due to centuries of mining.

Lüneburg Kalkberg, a limestone hill, sits in a nearby nature reserve.

Heather has been used for centuries as a healing plant for medicine and

symbolizes admiration, beauty, good fortune and solitude.

Wilseder Berg

Imagine a vista of a purple heath, of acres of heather in full bloom...

At 169 m above sea level (NN), the Wilseder Berg is the highest point on the Luneburg Heath in Northern Germany.

Due to its position in the middle of the nature reserve Lüneburg Heath it is a popular tourist destination,

especially in the period when the heather is in flower.

Are you ready to make a healthy change?

Are you at a turning point, searching for meaning, feeling like

time is slipping through your fingers.

Do you yearn to travel, to to do something special...

then the Live Inspired Getaway is exactly what you need:)

It's a perfect blend of activities and relaxation as you spend a week with like-minded soul sisters.

We forget years and remember moments.

Instead, let's create memorable moments that matter!

I have an innate ability to see the potential in you and share it with you. I take a stand for what is possible for you and hold the space for you to grow. With me there is no failure, there is only good better best and every day is a fresh start:)

I have the clarity and certainty that come from being guided by my core values and principles. I hold myself accountable for my actions and impact and being authentic. I love to teach and engage by telling stories and using humor.

I am not perfect, but I know who I am being and I am excited at who I'm becoming. I watch, ask questions, listen and pour greatness.  I help you discover what holds you back and acquire the skills and tools so you can step into your own power. 

As retreat leader, I keep my focus and redirect the flow of conversation lovingly to help individuals or the group when needed.


The Live Inspired Getaway in Germany includes flight, excursions, accommodation, wellness program and more...Plus the option to spend 3 extra days in Berlin!

All fees are collected by Janet Brock, my Travel Specialist.

Prices below are calculated in CAD Dollars. All prices are based on availability at time of booking and are subject to change

Janet will arrange your flights and train fare as well as your hotel and excursions in Berlin and can provide you with current prices in USD or Euro as well.

The Live Inspired Getaway includes:

Package 1: $3,899.00 CAD

9 days/8 nights

·       Transportation. Flight (Aug. 14th) from Toronto to Berlin. Train (Aug. 15th) from Berlin to Bad Bevensen, where you will be picked up by van.

·       Accomodation (we will be sharing beautiful apartments at Schroder Holiday Farm)

·       Daily light Continental breakfast – Coffee and freshly baked broetchen.


·       Visits to Bad Bevensen

·       Bad Jole Spa hot mineral pool

·       Bike rental

·       Tour of Medingen Abbey

·       Heather Blossom Festival in Amelinghausen

·       Hiking in Wilseder Berg State Park

·       A shopping spree in the ancient city of Luneburg

Coaching Program:

·  Daily journaling and mindfulness exercises, visualization, exercise and play.

·       We will review a book together, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Our conversations are meaningful and rewarding. 

·       The combination of coaching, fun, adventure & camaraderie is the perfect recipe for self-discovery, connection and personal empowerment.

·       Come home revitalized, with a clear sense of who you are being and what matters most to create joy for YOU, and the knowledge and certainty that you can.

What's NOT included above:

·  Lunch and Dinner daily. The cost of meals will vary as our apartments have kitchens and we may decide to prepare our own food at times. Cooking together is fun!!!      

·  Personal spending money. It’s entirely up to you.

Extend your stay and visit Berlin!

Package 2: $4,375.00

12 days/11 nights (This package includes everything in Package 1, PLUS 3 nights in Berlin!

Your visit to Berlin will include 3 side trips and you will be staying at a 4 star hotel. The Berlin Mark Hotel is situated centrally in Berlin's western neighbourhood and near the train station for easy travel to and from the airport. Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, just a few metres off the famous Kurfürstendamm, or Ku'Damm, as the locals call it. Located in a side street off Ku’Damm, you can easily reach major sights such as the zoo, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens) department store on foot from the Berlin Mark Hotel.

What you must have:

·   A passport (with more than 6 months validity) 

·  International Travel Medical Insurance

·   Completion of Registration, Questionnaire and Attendance forms

·  Confirmed that you have read and understand the Retreat Terms and Conditions. Click here: Retreat Terms & Conditions

Deadline to Register: Feb. 29, 2020

Rates are based on a minimum of 4 participants. All prices are based on availability at time of booking and are subject to change.

Rates are subject to change based on foreign exchange.

Rates do not include personal out of country medical or trip cancellation insurance. Quotes are available.

All airfare must be paid at time of registration.

Deposit required (includes airfare + $500) by Feb. 29, 2020. Balance due July 5th, 2020. Deposit non refundable. Final payment non refundable.

About Maura Joy Lustig,

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Wellness, empowerment and creativity make my heart sing! I am on a mission to help you be ridiculously healthy and create a rewarding joy-filled life!

I look for the women who resonate with me, who want to live their best life, have fun and help others do the same. I invite you to be more more, do more and and squeeze every juicy drop out of life!

My Background:

  • Hons. BA, Languages, Queens University
  • Corporate Communications Diploma, Seneca College
  • Landmark Forum, Basic and Advanced Seminars
  • Certified Financial Planner Diploma, CIFP
  • Coaches Training Institute Fundamentals Course Diploma
  • Coaches Training Institute Leadership Program
  • BEAbove Leadership Program (Neuroscience)
  • Participated in art conferences, retreats, art exhibits in the USA, Canada, France.
  • Attended leadership/personal development seminars, conferences  

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